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Estate Sales / Tag Sales

When the time comes to sell personal belongings, Mike Turmell & Co., LLC will provide services customized to meet your needs.

Whether liquidating an Estate, downsizing, moving or just making more room in your household,we provide the service just right for your changing needs.

Our Services

The array of services includes the following:
  • on-site Estate Sales or Household Tag Sales
  • eBay sales
  • consignments
  • brokering
  • outright purchases
  • appraisals/evaluations 
Often we recommend a mix of sales solutions to get the most for your items.

Mike Turmell & Co., LLC recognizes everyone’s situation is unique. Our goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible. We offer a practical way to sell your cherished treasures whether it is an on-site Tag Sale, on eBay, brokerage consignments, outright purchases, or other services just right for your special situation. No two situations are alike.

"When we downsized for our move to a new condo, Mike was of great help. He guided us on our move and sale of our items no longer needed.

"His crew did a great job in setting up the sale and the results were outstanding. We highly recommend his services and plan to use him in the future." G.B.

Most popular are Tag Sales and eBay Sales!

A Tag Sale is just what it sounds like Items in the household are evaluated, displayed and tagged with prices for customers to purchase on the spot. We use the fast-paced, but organized Entry Number system. Most sales conducted by Mike Turmell & Co., are two-day, widely advertised events to maximize exposure for the client and to maximize buying opportunities for our customers.

Mike Turmell has a reputation for highly successful sales of personal property through organized on-site “Tag” sales throughout Greater Cincinnati for clients here and from across the United States, Canada and Europe.

call us before you discard anything

Often the things you discard may be worth more than some of the items you keep. Even if you are confident you know values of items, please don’t throw items away until you meet with us. Values constantly change. Demand changes too. What was valuable last year, may not be now, and vice versa.

And those drawers, cabinets and boxes full of what you may consider inconsequential items add up. You’d be surprised!

Even if you don’t think you have enough for our big sales, call us anyway. You’d be surprised what we can do. You may have enough to incorporate one or more items with another of our sales. It gives your item exposure and adds more draw to our other client’s sale!

Whether we conduct an onsite Tag Sale, combine your items with another client’s Tag Sale or we help you set up your own sale, Mike Turmell & Co., LLC always recommends we list those very special, rare or unusual items on eBay where they will get exposure from our national and international audience. We ship worldwide!

Mike Turmell is a Top-Rated Seller who has been on eBay for 13 years, so long that he's considered a pioneer on the 16-year-old site. Check out our eBay service tab.

And if you wonder who our clients are, they include individuals, heirs, attorneys, real estate agents, bank trust departments to name some.

Our goal is a smooth transition for you

Contact Mike Turmell & Co., LLC as soon as you think you may need our services to allow for the best preparation.

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